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CMI Level 4 Award in Management and Leadership

Take the first step with Manager Training to join an exclusive community of exceptional managers and leaders studying CMI Level 4 through the Chartered Management Institute.

Your Success is Assured

Your success is assured with Manager Training as our CMI Level 4 training package offers you:

We offer two levels of support to help you excel:

Premium Support will suit you if you are studying CMI for the first time and want to get the best results from the valuable time you spend studying, researching and writing assignments.

Standard Support might suit you if you have already completed a CMI qualification through us and don’t need the added support and services.

Premium Support:

CMI Registration fee is the official enrollment fee payable to CMI to register you as a learner.

With the Premium Support Package, Manager Training offers all the modules/study units available from the CMI so you have the widest selection to choose from to properly tailor a study programme to best suit you and boost your career.

Official cost of marking each assignment.

3 months access to complete your qualification comfortably.

Each learner has a Study Coach and Mentor to keep you on track with your studies, provide you with study support and help ensure you successfully complete your studies in a smart and productive way as we know your time is valuable to you.   Their services to you also include:
  • A one-to-one formal induction on how to use the study portal, indicative content and how to do effective research
  • Provide you with a guide and support with writing assignments
  • Provide you with support initiating each new unit
  • Be on hand to support you at any time

Our learner surveys regularly highlight the value of having a study coach and mentor in helping them successfully achieve their qualifications in the most effective way.

You will have access to a CMI tutor for specific Management and Leadership related questions.

Pre-marking of each assignment by qualified CMI Tutors prior to the official marking (2 pre-marks per unit) to professionally guide you with each different assignment and the respective subject matter to make sure you are on track with what the official assessors are looking for.

One free retake for each assignment in case your assignment is referred.

Our Recruitment and Career Consultants can provide you with a professional CV review, LinkedIn profile review, interview support and career coaching.

You will gain CMI memberships so you can benefit from CPD (continued professional development), career tools, webinars, articles, events and networking with other CMI professionals.

Standard Support:

CMI Registration fee is the official enrollment fee payable to CMI to register you as a learner.

With the Standard Package we offer a prescribed list of modules/ study units only.

Official cost of marking each assignment.

2 months access to complete your qualification comfortably.

Standard support is limited to helping with login issues or any technical issues.

Helping learners succeed since 2009

Manager Training is an Approved CMI center, with a team of experienced Career Consultants, Mentors, CMI Tutors and Recruitment Consultants waiting to support you any time during your study journey. Supporting our learners and ensuring their success, is our strength and passion.

Manager Training offers level 2 right up to level 7 (team leader to senior manager) and our Career Advisors are on hand to help you select the best level and plan your studies.

About CMI Level 4

CMI LEVEL 4 Award In Management and Leadership (600/9450/3)

If you are a practicing or aspiring middle manager, the CMI level 4 qualification will help to grow your professional management skills including decision-making, managing team dynamics and delegation capability.

The Level 4 qualification contains a breadth of units, which are reflective of the tasks and activities required by junior and middle managers.

Practitioner Certificate in Business Analysis Practice

This level suits:

Who are the CMI?

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) is a professional institution for management that was founded in 1947 and was responsible for the UK’s first diploma in management studies. The CMI is backed by the Royal Charter, which means it is the only chartered professional body that can award the prestigious Chartered Manager status.

Widest selection of study units to choose from

Manager Training offers all the level 4 modules or study units available from the CMI so you have the widest selection to choose from to properly tailor a study programme to best suite you and boost your career.


To achieve the Level 4 Award in Strategic Management and Leadership Practice, Learners must choose one module to a minimum of 60 TUT (Total Unit Time) and 13 credits.

This unit is about the skills of effective and efficient managerial style and behaviour. It will assess how

managerial styles and behaviour may be adapted in line with organisational expectations.

This unit is about the identification of organisational stakeholders, determining and monitoring their

expectations and identifying opportunities to enhance stakeholder provision.

This unit is about understanding organisational culture, organisational and individual values, and their impact on behaviour.

This unit is about understanding groups and teams, understanding their norms and development, and the skills of managing remote, displaced or virtual teams.

This unit is about the skills of writing a management report, developing report objectives, gathering and analysing data and information, and drawing conclusions and making recommendations to meet objectives.

This unit is about management and leadership influencing skills which can be employed and their impact on the achievement of individual and task objectives.

This unit is about understanding different types of interview, the skills of managing interview process and follow through of interview outcomes.

This unit is about promoting equality and valuing the diversity of individuals’ and teams.

This unit is about the skills and knowledge required in the field of staff inspection review.

This unit is about assessing and improving individual management and leadership skills and competencies against objectives.

This unit is about the skills and knowledge required in the field of staff inspection review.

Explain how coaching and mentoring is linked to organisational objectives

Investing in Yourself

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) will help enhance your career and strengthen your CV. Improving and validating your skills also adds value to the organisation you work for. So, whether you are starting out in your career, changing careers, or increasing your skills and knowledge in your current career, you are investing in yourself because you understand the importance of you!

At Manager Training we understand not only the importance of CPD, but we understand the importance of quality courses that are accredited by industry-leading bodies. Our primary mission is to empower our learners!

Become a Chartered Manager

CMI offers you a route to becoming a Chartered Manager. As a Chartered Manager you’ll join a community of high performing professional managers who are self-aware and skills focused, delivering real value for their business.

CMI is the only the only Chartered body in the UK that awards Chartered Manager, the ultimate recognition of the professional manager.

CMI Membership

Whether you’re an ambitious highflyer or at the start of your management journey, CMI offers a host of benefits so support you through your career journey:

In Summary


CMI Level 4 in Management and Leadership Award

Accredited by:

Chartered Management Institute CMI

Entry requirements:

None. However, you should have sufficient capability at the right level to undertake the learning and assessment.


There is no exam, instead you need to submit and pass assessments which demonstrate that you have sufficiently understood the assessment criteria for each unit.

Study Time:

Award – 60 TQT*

Training provided by:

ITonlinelearning and Manager Training

*TQT total qualification time

Highly effective Manager

Completing a CMI level 4 qualification offers you more than just academic standing and a qualification that adds weight to your CV. You are empowered with skills and resources to be a highly effective manager.


The qualification is part of a suite of Principles of Management and Leadership qualifications, with more comprehensive options available:

CMI Level 4 Certificate in Management and Leadership gives you a broader knowledge of the skills needed to be an effective manager, while focusing on the specific leadership areas appropriate to you and your workplace.
CMI Level 4 Diploma in Management and Leadership gives you all the key skills and competencies you’ll need to become the manager you want to be. By undertaking this qualification you will have a more substantial and rounded learning in comparison to the Award and/or the Certificate.

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