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CMI: Chartered Management Institute

Leading the evolution of Management & Leadership since 1947

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) is the only body approved by the Royal Charter for expertise in Management & Leadership.


Based in the United Kingdom and responsible for the UK’s first diploma in Management studies, CMI is the only body that can award the prestigious Chartered Manager status. Along with this, the CMI community has over 170,000 members, enabling and encouraging access to networking opportunities which help people boost their career prospects and connect with other professionals across all industries and sectors.


CMI has a long and respected history, and the institute continues to improve the quality and standard of management in the workplace. The institute prides itself on its internationally recognised and respected expertise and code of ethics.

Why get certified with CMI?

CMI qualifications deliver a professional pathway for learners. These qualifications can be used to jumpstart your career, develop your skills or provide upskilling. These globally recognised certificates authenticate your knowledge and make it easier to build your career.


CMI qualifications are not only proven to improve performance, but they also provide a clear pathway for progression towards Chartered Manager, the ultimate Management and Leadership achievement.

Royal Charter

The CMI is the only organisation able to award Chartered Manager status, which is the highest accolade for managers and leaders.

Increased Productivity

Businesses that invest in management and leadership development see a 23% increase in organisational performance and a 32% increase in people performance.

Lifelong membership

Benefits of the CMI membership include; a mentoring scheme, exclusive CPD events, regional networks, thought leadership, and access to guidance and networking opportunities.

Established professional body

CMI has long established experience in promoting the highest standards in management and leadership over the past 75 years

Award, certificate or diploma?


An Award is the shortest qualification and typically takes between one to three months.


A Certificate provides a broader base of knowledge and skills and typically takes between three to six months.


A Diploma provides a comprehensive and tailored programme of learning that typically takes between six and 12 months.

Available CMI courses


The CMI Level 2 qualification is a Vocationally Related Qualification (VRQ) that is targeted at new and aspiring team leaders to support their development of knowledge and skills in leading a team.

cmi level 3

The CMI level 3 qualification will help you grow your professional management skills. You will become effective in setting and monitoring goals, providing instruction and managing project activities.


The CMI level 4 qualification will help to grow your professional management skills as a practicing or aspiring middle manager, including decision-making, managing team dynamics, and delegation capability.


The CMI Level 5 qualifications will suit you if you are a practicing or aspiring middle manager or leader. You will likely have experience at operational, divisional, departmental, or specialist levels and will typically report to a senior manager or business owner.

cmi level 6

The CMI Level 6 qualifications will help you develop professional management and leadership practices in addition to skills and behaviours needed to successfully drive business activities in a senior, regional, specialist, or director-level role.

cmi level 7

The CMI Level 7 qualifications will help you if you are a senior leader wanting to develop professional management and leadership practice and gain the knowledge, skills, and behaviours to drive business activities.

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