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Business Analysis

About Qualification

Business Analysis

With these BCS qualification you will earn an internationally recognised certificate that demonstrates you’ve developed the skills to support successful business change programmes. You will develop an understanding of the latest principles and approaches, and how to apply them in a practical business environment.  

Levels of Qualification

The BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis is a way to show and validate you have gained the relevant knowledge, skills, and capabilities to be a business analyst and implement change.

This certificate will set you up for your BA studies. You will learn how to identify and evaluate options for improving your business, as well as develop the skills and knowledge needed to support successful business change programmes within your organisation. 

This certificate will give you a broad understanding of business change and how to implement business change effectively. You will develop the skills and knowledge needed to support business programmes and how to design effective business change.

This certificate will teach you how to engage with key business stakeholders to gain the information needed to develop an effective and suitable IT solution. You will learn how to analyse, validate, document and manage requirements effectively.

During this qualification you will learn how to investigate, model, analyse and improve business processes. You will learn how to analyse operations carried out in an organisation and how to apply different processing modelling techniques.

This qualification will teach you how to apply business analysis techniques, use strategic context, and how to deal with the issues such as stakeholder perspectives and model business activities analysis. You will learn how to identify solutions and make a business case.


Qualifications designed
for Business Analysts.

Qualifications for Business Analysis professionals and team members who wish to develop an understanding of business principles and approaches, and learn how to apply them in a practical enviroment.

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