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AgilePM® Practitioner

About this qualification

AgilePM® Practitioner

Using the Agile project management method ensures that Project Managers give their projects the best possible chance at being successful. It is a proven and trusted method that has been adopted by organisations and Project Managers across the globe and, due to its success, is still growing in popularity.
Acquiring the Agile Practitioner certification means that you are ready to start taking on projects, an attribute that is very much sought after by employers as they will see you as someone that is committed to the project management profession and who is fully trained. For someone that is already involved in project management, it is a certification that will boost not only your confidence as a project manager, but your career.

What does this qualification cover?

The Agile Practitioner course is the second level of training in the Agile project management method and focuses on laying the foundations for successful projects using Agile and, ultimately, undertaking a project and seeing it through to its conclusion.

Qualification membership

Upon passing your first exam you will be given 1 years free membership to the Agile Business Consortium. The Agile Business Consortium are a professional body for Business Agility who have been around for 25 years and the brains behind AgilePM.

Who can take this qualification?

In order to study the Agile Practitioner course you will first need to study the Agile Foundation course and pass the Agile Foundation exam.

Qualification equivalent

This qualification is NQF Level 7, which equates to a Bachelors Degree/Advanced Diploma.

What could this qualification lead to?

The Agile PM Practitioner course is suited for anyone looking to work in any of the following roles:

Management Sector Roles

The qualification is part of a suite of qualifications, with a foundation option available:
AgilePM® Foundation – Our accredited Agile Project Management AgilePM® Foundation Training Course lives up to its name by providing the users of the method with the core principles needed to manage a successful project, while allowing a degree of scope and agility that not many other methodologies provide.
AgilePM® is a registered trademark of Agile Business Consortium Limited. All rights reserved.

The APMG International AgilePM and Swirl Device logo is a trademark of The APM Group Limited, used under permission of The APM Group Limited. All rights reserved.


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