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Lean Six Sigma

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Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is a business process improvement methodology that combines two approaches: lean manufacturing, which focuses on reducing waste and increasing efficiency, and Six Sigma, which focuses on reducing variability and defects.


The goal of Lean Six Sigma is to improve the quality and efficiency of business processes by eliminating waste, reducing variability, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Levels of Qualification

The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification is the first stage in the Lean Six Sigma levels. It provides learners with a basic understanding of the principles of Lean Six Sigma and how to apply them in the workplace to create financial, employee, and customer benefits.

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification is the second stage in the Lean Six Sigma levels. Learners will further develop their knowledge and understand of the Lean Six Sigma methodology, learn  how to reduce waste and how to optimise processes.

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification is the final stage in the Lean Six Sigma levels. Once learners have completed this course, they are able to competently lead and manage Lean Six Sigma tools at work, as well as train and coach others on Lean Six Sigma fundamentals.

YOUR Lean Six Sigma Qualification

Qualifications designed
for Project Managers.

Our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt qualification is accredited by APMG International in partnership with LSSA (Lean Six Sigma Academy). LSSA is the scheme owner of Lean Six Sigma, connecting candidates with accredited training providers and exam institutes worldwide.

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