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Management & Leadership

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) is the only body approved by the Royal Charter for expertise in Management & Leadership. CMI is the only body that can award the prestigious Chartered Manager status.

These qualifications aim to teach individuals the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively manage and lead teams in a variety of business settings. Some of the key areas that CMI qualifications cover include strategic planning, communication, people management, and financial management.


Overall, CMI qualifications are designed to help individuals develop the practical skills and knowledge needed to succeed as managers and leaders in the modern business world.

Levels of Qualification

The CMI Level 2 qualifications is aimed towards new or aspiring team leaders, and supports the development of their knowledge and ability to lead a team. Learners will learn to plan, problem-solve and execute decision making. 

The CMI Level 3 qualifications are aimed towards practicing or aspiring managers who manage a team. Learners will learn how to set and monitor goals and objectives, how to give instruction, direction and guidance, and how to manage operational activities

The CMI Level 4 qualifications are designed for middle managers. They help to develop and improve professional management skills such as decision-making, managing team dynamics and delegation capability.

The CMI Level 5 qualifications are aimed towards practicing middle managers and leaders at operations, division, departmental or specialist levels. The learner will learn to lead and manage individuals and teams to deliver on aims and objectives.

The CMI Level 6 qualifications are aimed towards people wanting to develop professional management and leadership practice. Learners will learn the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to drive business activities.

The CMI Level 7 qualifications are aimed towards people wanting to develop strategic management and leadership practices. Learners will develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to drive business activities in a senior, regional, specialist or CEO management/leadership role

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