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Practitioner Certificate in Business Analysis Practice

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Practitioner Certificate in Business Analysis PRACTICE

Our Practitioner Certificate in Business Analysis Practice is accredited by BCS, The Chartered Institute of IT. BCS qualifications are globally recognised and delivered in over 200 countries. With a 25-year reputation for quality exams, integrity, and impartiality, we trust that you will be confident in your product purchase when you register for a BCS certification. A certification that employers around the world respect and value.

During this course you will explore a range of strategic analysis and performance management techniques and apply business analysis techniques within a defined framework. Strategic context will be covered and issues such as stakeholder perspectives and model business activities analysis. After completion of this certification, you would have gained knowledge in how to identify potential solutions and make a business case.

In an ever-changing world, business analysis is used to identify and articulate the need for change in how organizations work, and to facilitate that change. It is understandable why business analysis is a flourishing career to be in or pursue.

Course details

Certification: Practitioner Certificate in Business Analysis Practice

Accredited by: BCS (The Chartered Institute of IT)

Entry requirements: There are no requirements however some practical experience in business analysis will be beneficial.

Exams: Are taken at any Pearson VUE test centre or at your home via remote proctoring

Study time: It usually takes a minimum of 18 hours to prepare for the exam.

NQF Equivalent: NQF Level 7 which equates to a Bachelors Degree/Advanced Diploma

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Investing in Yourself

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) will help enhance your career and strengthen your CV. Improving and validating your skills also adds value to the organisation you work for. So, whether you are starting out in your career, changing careers, or increasing your skills and knowledge in your current career, you are investing in yourself because you understand the importance of you! 

At Manager Training we understand, not only the importance of CPD but we understand the importance of quality courses that are accredited by industry-leading bodies. Our primary mission is to empower our learners! 

Career Opportunities

An exciting aspect about being a business analyst is that your career can go in many different directions. Your skills will translate well into various specialities in business and IT.

To become a business analyst, you do not need a degree however is it advisable to take professional accredited qualifications to validate your skills and experience.

Junior business analyst can earn in the region of £18,000 to £30,000. Senior business analyst earns around £40,000 to £60,000 and exceptional performers and expert analysts anything from £80,000.

Practitioner Certificate in Business Analysis Practice

Below we mention just a few possible careers path opportunities.

Free BCS Associate Membership

Receive free of charge Associate Membership for a full year once you have successfully passed your first BCS certification. Join the global and diverse home for digital, technical and IT professionals where you will be supported at every stage of your career journey.

As an associate member you can plot your next steps, connect with over 60,000 professionals, and take your development to the next level. Use our learning tools to enhance your skills and track your progress on your own CPD (continuing professional development) plan in your secure member area.

Full criteria

Experience/ Qualifications

To become a BCS Associate member, you will need a year’s IT work experience or an IT qualification at NHC level or above. By ‘IT work experience’ BCS means being professionally engaged in any aspect of building, maintaining, managing or operating IT – or the teaching / training of these activities on a full-time basis.


BCS will need details of a supporter and by supporter they mean a college, employer or even a client, who can comment on your competencies and experience. Your supporter should be working at the same level as you or above and able to offer a reliable opinion of your performance at work. Take note that unfortunately a family member may not be a supporter.

For the purpose of BCS membership assessments and quality control, BCS will hold your supporter’s details therefore it is important that you run this by them before hand to get their permission to proceed.

Browse SFIAplus for further enjoyment of your membership. SFIAplus takes the industry skills framework and brings it to life. Members can browse SFIAplus to learn the typical roles and tasks associated with their dream job role and plot their route to get there.

More about SFIAplus – IT skills framework 

Understanding your skill level and knowing your next steps are vital for career growth, so what does SFIAplus have to offer?

Why use a skills framework?

Using the SFIAplus skills framework will assist you in making informed decisions on your skills upgrading and career development. Once a BCS member why not access Browse SFIAplus module in MyBCS to check it out.

SFIA – the skills framework for the information age

Industry experts developed SFIA which is a globally recognised standard. Further to this, Government backs SFIA as best practice for identifying and developing IT capability.

SFIA also uses a common skills language, available to L&D, HR and IT professionals which improves understanding and communication between teams, departments and organisations when it comes to transferring and recruiting digital talent.

What’s in the plus?

SFIAplus was developed by BCS to bring the SFIA framework to life, adding detailed training and development resources. For each SFIA skill at each level, SFIAplus offers six additional task definitions and eight additional skills resources.

The result it the industry’s most established and widely adopted model, enabling both employers and practitioners to identify career pathways and plan development aligned with business transformation. 

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Our Practitioner Certificate in Business Analysis Practice is accredited by BCS. 

BCS qualifications are globally recognised and delivered in over 200 countries.