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International Diploma in Business Analysis

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international diploma in business analysis

Our International Diploma in Business Analysis is accredited by BCS, The Chartered Institute of IT. BCS qualifications are globally recognised and delivered in over 200 countries. With a 25-year reputation for quality exams, integrity, and impartiality, we trust you will be confident in your product purchase when you register with us for a BCS certification. A certification that employers around the world respect and value.

The BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis is a way to show and validate you have gained the knowledge, skills, and capabilities in order to be a business analyst. As an internationally-recognised certificate, the Diploma demonstrates to any employer that you have the detailed understanding of business analysis and that you are prepared and professionally certified to take up the role as a business analyst. This certificate consolidates the knowledge and skills gained from the four required business analysis modules that you will have obtained on this course.

In an ever-changing world, business analysis is used to identify and articulate the need for change in how organizations work, and to facilitate that change. Therefore, business analyst can work in any area of business where change is necessary. Understandably, business analysis is a flourishing career to be in or pursue.

Course details

CertificationInternational Diploma in Business Analysis

Accredited by: BCS (The Chartered Institute of IT)

What is included in your course fee?

Courses Included

You will start your study journey by choosing one of the following BCS Knowledge–Based Specialist Modules:

Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis

This certification is aimed at introducing you into the exciting and disciplined world of business analysis. You will gain a thorough understanding for the role of a business analyst and the competencies required. In addition, you will gain the knowledge and skills to identify and evaluate business improvements, learn investigative techniques, how to identify and manage stakeholders, understand how to make a business case, and also how to perform effective requirements engineering.

Foundation Certificate in Business Change

This certification helps you gain an understanding and appreciation of the principles, processes, roles and approaches involved in business change. You will learn the knowledge and skills required to utilise information technology to enable and drive effective business change. You will also learn how to align the organisation to the internal and external factors which influence change, and how to implement change to ensure organisations remain competitive in today’s market.

Foundation Certificate in Organisational Behaviour

This certification is aimed at supporting the business analyst with the knowledge and skills needed to understand the complex factors that shape and change the way our organisations operate. You will gain a thorough understanding of business finance, organisational behaviour, commerciality and the organisational knowledge to support effective business change.

After completing your Knowledge-Based Module you will study both BCS Core Modules:

Practitioner Certificate in Business Analysis Practice

This certification helps you take your career to the next level by teaching you how to support successful business change. As a practitioner certificate you will delve deeper into business strategy and explore business issues. You will learn how to utilise techniques, understand the strategic context of organisations, analyse stakeholder perspectives, analyse and model business activities, identify potential solutions, and learn how to produce a business case.

Practitioner Certificate in Requirements Engineering

This certification gives you the knowledge and skills to be able to take a systematic approach to elicit, analyse, validate, document, and effectively manage requirements by using a set of practices and processes. You will learn the requirements engineering process, the hierarchy of requirements, how to identify key stakeholders, and how to model, analyse and design requirements.

You will then study the below BCS Practitioner Specialist Module:

Practitioner Certificate in Modelling Business Processes

This certification allows you to gain the skills and knowledge of the different levels of processes in an organisation, from organisational level down to task level. After completing this course you will be able to apply process modelling techniques to a range of scenarios within an organisation. You will learn about the context for process modelling, the organisational model, how to model business processes, document tasks, and how to evaluate and improve business processes.

IIBA Exemption

Learners holding the IIBA CBAP qualifications are exempt from the BCS Certificate in Requirements Engineering and the knowledge-based specialist module.

IREB Exemption

Learners who have completed IREB’s Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering (CPRE) Foundation level will be exempt from taking the BCS Certificate in Requirements Engineering to achieve their Business Analysis Diploma.

Oral Preparation Course

The oral preparation course has been specifically designed to support and prepare you for your International Diploma oral examination. This preparation course is aimed at testing the knowledge and skills you have gained from your four chosen modules. You will be given scenario-based practice questions relevant to your chosen modules to help prepare you for the official oral examination. We encourage you to complete this course before booking your examination.


Once you have successfully complete the examinations of your four chosen modules, you will need to book an oral examination and pass this to earn your International Diploma in Business Analysis.

Exam: Oral examination

Your oral exam will be conducted by two different examiners from BCS, and can take up to 50 minutes. The oral exam will cover the modules you have studied. In the exam, you are typically given a scenario to apply your knowledge accordingly and for the examiners to see that you can apply the tools and techniques when working as a BA in an organisation.

We would encourage you to sit the oral examination within 12 months of successfully completing the four pre-requisite modules mentioned previously.

Venue: The oral examination will take place online. Instructions will be sent to you once your booking is confirmed.

Who is this qualification for?

Benefits of attaining an International Diploma in Business Management

Investing in Yourself

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) will help enhance your career and strengthen your CV. Improving and validating your skills also adds value to the organisation you work for. So, whether you are starting out in your career, changing careers, or increasing your skills and knowledge in your current career, you are investing in yourself because you understand the importance of you! 

At ITonlinelearning / Manager Training we understand, not only the importance of CPD but we understand the importance of quality courses that are accredited by industry-leading bodies. Our primary mission is to empower our learners! 

Career Opportunities

An exciting aspect about being a business analyst is that your career can go in many different directions. Your skills will translate well into various specialities in business and IT.

To become a business analyst, you do not need a degree however is it advisable to take professional accredited qualifications to validate your skills and experience.

Junior business analyst can earn in the region of £18,000 to £30,000. Senior business analyst earns around £40,000 to £60,000 and exceptional performers and expert analysts anything from £80,000.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Below we mention just a few possible careers path opportunities.

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Practitioner Certificate in Business Analysis Practice

International Diploma in Business Analysis

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Our International Diploma in Business Analysis is accredited by BCS. 

BCS qualifications are globally recognised and delivered in over 200 countries.