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International Diploma in Business Analysis

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The world is constantly evolving, meaning that technological and business needs are changing along with it.  Businesses need someone that can analyse all aspects of the business or situation and identify what problems there are and the nature of their solutions.

The BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis is a way to show and validate you have gained the relevant knowledge, skills, and capabilities to be a business analyst and implement change. As an internationally-recognized certificate, the Diploma demonstrates to any employer that you have a detailed understanding of business analysis and that you are professionally certified to take up the role of a business analyst. This certificate consolidates the knowledge and skills gained from the four required business analysis modules that you will have obtained in this course.

The Chartered Institute for IT (BCS) qualifications are globally recognised and delivered in over 200 countries. 

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Our International Diploma in Business Analysis is accredited by The Chartered Institute of IT. BCS qualifications are globally recognised and delivered in over 200 countries.


International Diploma in Business Analysis

Accredited by:

BCS (The Chartered Institute of IT)

Entry requirements:

None. However, you should have sufficient capability at the right level to undertake the learning and assessment.

Who is this for:

Individuals who wish to demonstrate that they have a thorough understanding of business analysis best practice.


Once you have successfully completed the examinations of your four chosen modules, you will need to book an oral examination and pass this to earn your International Diploma in Business Analysis.

  • IIBA Exemption:  Learners holding the IIBA CBAP qualifications are exempt from the BCS Certificate in Requirements Engineering and the knowledge-based specialist module.
  • IREB Exemption:  Learners who have completed IREB’s Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering (CPRE) Foundation level will be exempt from taking the BCS Certificate in Requirements Engineering to achieve their Business Analysis Diploma.

Who is this diploma for?

Business Analysis is ideal for people that want to achieve the below results:

Average Salary Projection

Junior Business Analyst

per year
£ 0 K

Average Business Analyst Salary

per year
£ 0 K

Senior Business Analyst

per year
£ 0 K

International Diploma in Business Analysis Breakdown

You will start your study journey by choosing one of the following BCS Knowledge-Based Specialist Modules:

This certification will introduce you to the exciting and disciplined world of business analysis. You will gain a thorough understanding of the business analyst role and the competencies required. In addition, you will gain the knowledge and skills needed to identify and evaluate business improvements, learn investigative techniques, how to identify and manage stakeholders, understand how to make a business case, and also how to perform effective requirements engineering.

This certification helps you gain an understanding of the principles, processes, roles, and approaches involved in business change. You will learn the skills required to utilise information technology to enable and drive effective business change. You will also learn how to align the organisation to the internal and external factors which influence change, and how to implement change to ensure the organisation remain competitive in today’s market.

This certification is aimed at supporting you with the knowledge and skills needed to understand the complex factors that shape and change the way an organisation operates. You will gain a thorough understanding of business finance, organisational behaviour, commerciality, and the necessary organisational knowledge needed to support effective business change.

After completing your Knowledge-Based Module you will study both BCS Core Modules:

This certification helps you take your career to the next level by teaching you how to support successful business change. With this practitioner certificate, you will delve deeper into business strategy and explore business issues.

You will learn how to understand the strategic context of organisations, analyse relevant stakeholder perspectives, and identify potential solutions and problems within a business. You will also analyse and model business activities, and gain the necessary skills to produce a business case.

This certification gives you the knowledge and skills needed to be able to take a systematic approach to elicit, analyse, validate, document, and effectively manage requirements by using a set of practices and processes. You will learn the requirements engineering process, the hierarchy of requirements, how to identify key stakeholders, and how to model, analyse and design requirements.

You will then study the below BCS Practitioner Specialist Module:

This certification allows you to gain a working understanding of the different levels of processes in an organisation, from an organisational level down to a task level. After completing this course you will be able to apply process modelling techniques to a range of scenarios within an organisation. You will learn about the context for process modelling, the organisational model, how to model business processes, document tasks, and how to evaluate and improve business processes



Business Analyst roles currently available in the UK

With the International Diploma in Business Analysis, you are expected to find a job in under

3 months

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Our diploma is accredited through an internationally recognised institute

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Our Practitioner Certificate in Business Analysis Practice is accredited by BCS.
BCS qualifications are globally recognised and delivered in over 200 countries.

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