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AgilePM® Foundation & Practitioner
Blended Learning

About this qualification

AgilePM® Foundation & Practitioner

Supercharge your project management career and take the first step towards becoming an Agile Practitioner with the Agile certification.
AgilePM is a project management methodology created by the Agile Business Consortium and accredited by the APM Group (APMG). With AgilePM, a project is undertaken in steps, making it easy to determine what the risks are and what to do if any problems arise.
AgilePM ensures projects run on time and to budget, and if any obstacles arise, you can resolve the situation and steer the project in another direction.

What does this qualification cover?

The Foundation course is the first level of training in Agile. This course teaches students the basics of the Agile method and gives them the knowledge to apply the techniques to the projects they carry out in a working environment. The Practitioner is the next level which focuses on applying your knowledge of AgilePM in a practical project situation.
The certificate is recognised across the world and is a popular option for those who want to start a sought-after career in the project management industry or give their existing career a boost.

So, what exactly is Blended Learning?

This course is taught through blended learning, which combines distance learning, group learning and face-to-face tuition.
Study and qualify from the safety of your own place of study and complete your studies within 7 days on average. The training is delivered using a combination of media rich courses, group tuition and face to face tuition.
Your designated tutor will have regular interactive sessions with you and will develop a solid understanding of your progress. They will also prepare you to take the AgilePM exam at the end of your training.

Currently, we enjoy a first time pass rate of over 90% for AgilePM learners completing this programme.

What are the benefits of this qualification?

Who can take this qualification?

There are no official prerequisites that need to be met to study the Agile Foundation training course.
The Agile Foundation course is the first level of Agile project management training and passing the Foundation exam is a prerequisite for studying the Agile Practitioner course. Once you have passed your Agile Foundation exam you will be awarded the Agile Foundation certification from APMG International. This qualification is internationally recognised.
AgilePM® is a registered trademark of Agile Business Consortium Limited. All rights reserved.

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AgilePM® Foundation & Practitioner

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